How You Can Help

The most effective way for you to help out with this project is to go out and time the lights in your area. If you're not in an area with red-light cameras installed, contact friends and relatives who may not be so lucky and ask them to time the lights in their area.

Here are some basic instructions:

1) Choose an interesection with a red-light camera installed.

2) Make 5-10 attempts to record the yellow light time. Round to the nearest tenth of a second.

3) Take the average of your timing attempts and write it down. Write down the speed limit as well.

4) If possible, find a nearby intersection, ideally on the same road and with the same speed limit.

5) Repeat steps 2-3. These results will be useful for comparison purposes.

When you have finished timing the lights in your area:
Please submit your results to us by email at so they can be added to our database.

If your results show that the lights are unreasonably short, we'll do our best to make sure people hear about it. We intend to do this by hiring an objective traffic engineer to check the intersection, alerting the local media, and considering litigation if the city refuses to correct the situation.

You can also write down your timing results on this form and send the information via mail or email to the addresses provided therein.

If you don't have red light cameras in your area or are unable to participate in the project, your financial donation will still enable us to move forward with this project. Your donation will help fund press releases, traffic engineering studies, and litigation.